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An LED Sign on a London Cap by Tom Rodriguez

On LED Taxi Signs and emergencies by Bing Chen

One day on a street in Central London, I was very surprised to see a black cab with an LED advertising screen on and its roof. Wow, I (being Chinese) thought, the British are starting to join in the fun too with their taxis. In China, this kind of advertising light box is ...

Packard motorcars neon sign

A century of signs by Adam Cranfield

A century of signs by Adam Cranfield: a short overview. Not only was the First World War beginning 100 years medal ago, but neon lighting wholesale mlb jerseys tubes are just about a century old too. So, here’s a mini-history of signs and lighting before Treatment ...

lightbox by pureimage

Welcome to the first PureImage blog post!

Welcome to the first PureImage blog post! Here you will find a friendly introduction to the company, the team, and our blog. The Company PureImage started as a company in 2009, and we’ve been growing ever since. The shiny new website that cheap jerseys you see here cheap ...